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The right material for the right audience

As part of our overall consultancy services, we are happy to offer a fully bespoke service to develop and deliver (if required) system training to client personnel.

To date, we have developed training materials to satisfy the following scenarios (although we are always happy to discuss new requirements):

Training to client IT staff as part of the knowledge transfer process during the implementation project.

        The knowledge transfer process should be an on-going process 
        though out the implementation project, however it is sometimes 
        required to supplement this with more formal training sessions. 
        This can be useful help improve the depth of knowledge across 
        the whole team rather than having individual specialists. 
        This can also be a requirement in scenarios where key client team 
        members leave the project and replacements must be brought up 
        to speed.
        Formal training materials are also an invaluable asset to the 
        support teams, to assist in all manner of future activities such as 
        system upgrades, team member cross training, and new 
        recruitment induction programmes. 

Training to client 'Super Users'.

        For larger clients, the training of the user community can fall into 
        two distinct levels, the super users and the end users. 
        The role of the super users will be that of training the end users 
        and being first line support for any day to day system issues that 
        may arise. 
        Therefore the super users will require a  more in-depth 
        understanding of the system, and will be trained more thoroughly. 
        In many cases, they may already be involved with the 
        implementation through such activities as user acceptance testing. 
        The training materials required by the super users will not be as 
        detailed and all encompassing as that required by the IT support 
        teams, but will still require a greater scope than simply the 
        immediate processes. The super user must understand the 
        integration elements of the system so that they are best placed 
        to liase and resolve issues in other departments that have affected 
        their own department's work.

Training to client 'End Users'.

        The end user training materials will be focussed on the process     
        activities and system tools available to allow the user to complete 
        their own process responsibilities. 
        This training will be at a field by field level within each of the 
        relevant menu options. 
        While additional information can be beneficial, this should be 
        kept to a minimum. The focus of these materials should be to the 
        job in hand, and they should be useable as a quick reference 
        guide. If the user must wade through pages of text  to find the 
        answer they need, they will not use these materials. 

Training to third party companies that are related to the SAP market place but that do not direct access.

        We have been happy to produce very bespoke training materials 
        to help people in non SAP environments understand the important 
        concepts of the SAP system. 
        The type of client who have benefited most from these services 
        have been  IT recruitment agencies. 
        Once their SAP recruitment teams have a real feel for the system 
        and its various component modules, they are better placed to         
        understand and communicate their client's SAP job requirements. 
        This greater understanding also finds these agency personnel  
        better able to build credibility and professional relationships with 
        their clients. 




Last modified: September 01, 2003